Data Management Strategy,

Governance & More

Data Strategy

Our focus at BayTech is to attract and retain the best minds in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. We are a full-service data management service firm offering Strategy, Execution, and Enablement (SEE). With deep expertise in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and logistics, we are big enough to handle any project and small enough to offer personally tailored services.

Data Management and Governance

BayTech helps our clients navigate through the complexities of governance, data quality management, metadata curation, master data management, integration patterns, reference architectures, self-service enablement, and more. No matter where you stand right now, you will be able to trust your data; deliver it where, when, and how it’s needed; and use it to make smarter decisions.

Data Warehousing and Engineering

Getting your data strategy up and running can be a daunting task for any team. Our consultants have successfully executed many data warehouse migrations, automation, and accelerations. We apply our vast experience to help with your tool selection, clean-ups, conversions, and integration needs.

Advanced Analytics

BayTech attracts and retains the best minds in advanced analytics services and data science. Our consultants have the expertise to handle any of your needs for machine learning, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, failure prediction, and resource optimization. We are passionate problem solvers and experienced data engineers.