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Customer-Focused Data Analytics


BayTech Analytics is a customer-focused data analytics company offering personalized solutions for any data-related needs. They are competent and experienced in providing extensive expertise in healthcare data solutions.

Marketing & Customer Analytics

In our experience at BayTech Analytics, marketing, customer, and sales data continues to be a growing challenge for many organizations. While there's a lot of data being provided by modern advertising, CRM, and POS systems, bringing that data together in a helpful way and providing real customer insights is quite tricky. BayTech can help you fix the gaps in your data and reporting and report to get an entire customer journey or "Customer 360" view of your marketing, sales, and customer support initiatives.

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Financial Analytics

BayTech brings experienced financial services analytics and insights to your data strategy. That includes fraud and forensic analytics, risk management, performance, and cost optimization.

Healthcare Data & Analytics Solutions

From clinical to operations data, we have experience meeting healthcare organizations where they stand with data and IT and helping them strategize, plan, and deliver data-intensive initiatives that are foundational to improving clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

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Government Data Analytics

BayTech Analytics helps public bodies to improve health outcomes, deliver optimum education planning and accurately identify tax frauds. The business also helps streamline public consultations and appropriately analyzes the vast economic data.

Retail Analytics

Data science and ethical AI/ML processes are incorporated to optimize retail pricing and product recommendations. This process can also escalate customer retention, lifetime value, and inventory.

Telecom & Utilities Data Analytics

By incorporating data analytics techniques, the telecom industries can optimize their pricing, decrease customer churn, streamline asset management and increase the comprehensive workforce productivity.

Transport & Logistics Analytics

Accurate data science expertise often helps transport and logistics companies to deliver operational efficiency and offer a dynamic price modeling. It also helps in detecting and preventing accidents.